Glodian™ Traffic Sign Sheeting Series

Traffic Sign Reflective Prismatic Sheeting

Reflomax supplies various top quality reflective sheeting traffic signs. Our retro reflective sheet such as ASTM D 4956 retroreflective sheeting is ideal for traffic signs and road signs. Find the retro reflective sheet you need from various grades that qualify to the international standard of ASTM D 4956 reflective sheeting for road signs. Reflomax Glodian™ provides various range of ASTM D 4956 reflective sheeting from highest level to engineer grades retro reflective sheet including ASTM Type Ⅸ, ASTM Type Ⅷ, ASTM Type Ⅳ and ASTM Type Ⅰ that are most suitable to traffic sign devices as well as work zone devices with higher level of luminance values at critical distances. You can check our product details below.