VC-E7, Truck and Trailer Bumper Films & Boards

Product Description

Reflomax Glodian™ ECE 70 certified Vehicle Rear Marking Film VC-E7 highly consists of prismatic lenses formed sealed in a synthetic film and backed with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive with a protective liner. The ECE 70 (Economic Commission for Europe) is a specification of requirements which regulates the rear marking for vehicles of cross-border heavy vehicle traffic. Typical application of ECE 70 is rear marking plate for heavy and long vehicles and their trailers. Check our ECE 70 certified VC-E7 micro prismatic reflective rear marking films.

Additional Information

Code Number


Main Applications

Truck and Trailer Bumper Films & Boards

Reflective Technology



7 years when properly converted and installed

Release Liner

Polypropylene film, silicone coated on one side


Permanent prssure-sensitive adhesive

Application Surface

Chemically treated or conversion coated aluminum

Application Temperature

minimum 15℃ (60˚F)

In Use Temperature Range

-10˚ to 65℃ (14˚ to 15˚F)


ECE 70 Amendment 1+


Yellow / Red

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