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VC-2H/VC-2M, DOT Conspicuity air backed Sealing & Metalized Tape for Truck and Trailer

Product Description


Microprismatic reflective vehicle conspicuity is for Vehicle Markings trucks and trailer with rigid surface. It provides excellent reflection which enhances night time safety. Reflomax both VC2H & VC2M consist of air backed sealed type and metalized type with backed with pressure sensitive adhesive and clear poly liner. It is designed to improve drivers’ safety with its high visibility daytime and nighttime to provides safety against vehicles each other.

Reflomax Glodian™ microprismatic reflective vehicle conspicuity marking tape for trucks and trailer with rigid surface in adherence to standard DOT-C2. Reflomax VC-2H & VC-2M which comply to DOT- C2 consists both types of air backed sealed type and metalized type backed with clear poly liner and pressure sensitive adhesive for application sides and rear of large trucks, trailers and other various vehicles to increase their visibility and roadways. Check our products that exceed requirements to DOT-C2 standard.

Additional Information

Code Number

VC2H (Air Backed Sealed Type) : VC6H, VC7H
VC2M (Metalized Type) : VC6M, VC7H

Main Applications

vehicle conspicuity markings

Reflective Technology



metalizing type : 260㎛, sealing type : 400㎛


7~8 years

Release Liner

sealing type : 80㎛, polypropylene film, silicone coated on one side
metalizing type : 190㎛, paper, silicone coated on one side


clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive






meets FMVSS 108 with DOT-C2


metalizing and sealing types are available

Custom Logo

Custom logo printing is available


6″/ 6″ & 7″/11″-white/red are available

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