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Glodian™ Vehicle Conspicuity tape for ECE 104

Glodian™ VC-E4 series is safety marking tape for trucks and trailers with rigid surfaces. It provides excellent reflectivity which enhances night time safety and it is designed for easy application and durability. Glodian™ VC-E4 is perfect solution for various type of trucks and trailers with both metalized and sealing types and customized logo printing on tape is available for various customer’s request. The metalized type consists of vacuum deposition of aluminum coated micro-prisms with a pressure sensitive adhesive and clear poly liner. The sealing type consists of micro-prisms, sealed and backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive and clear poly liner. Glodian™ complies with the requirements of the ECE 104 Class C.

Main application

Vehicle marking tape for trucks and trailers


Easy to handle and apply, thin and flexible

Providing 10 years of field performance

Metalized and sealing types with edge sealed are available

Providing Edge sealed technology for sealing type

Customized logo printing is available at customer’s request

Size :

2inch x 50yd per 1roll as standard

Packing :

430mm x 410mm x 260mm per 1box (16 rolls)

G.weight :

about 24kgs per 1box

Retroreflective Performance

The coefficients of retroreflection(RA) shall be determined in accordance with ASTM E810, and per ASTM E810 the values of all rotation are determined the RA.

The values in Table A are minimum coefficients of retroreflection expressed in candelas per lux per square meter (cd/lux/m2).

TABLE A. The Minimum Coefficient of Retrorefleciton RA.

COLOR Observation Angles Entrance Angles2 (β2) RA
White 0.33˚ 450
30˚ 200
40˚ 95
60˚ 16
Yellow 0.33˚ 300
30˚ 130
40˚ 75
60˚ 10
Red 0.33˚ 120
20˚ 60
30˚ 30
40˚ 10

Physical Properties

The following technical information should be considered typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.

Thickness Sealing Type – 370~400µm
Metalizing Type – 330~370µm
Wrap around 0.125”
NO Cracking
Min. Application Temperature 60°F(15°C)
High Pressure
Wash Test
45°angle, 1200psi,
8” distance
No effect
90° Hanging Weight
ASTM D4956
Less than 2”
Peel Adhesion
peel angle
Degreased aluminum
: 0.94 kg/cm
Chemical Resistance Not effected by toluene,#2 diesel fuel, TSP Detergent, xylene
Corrosion Resistance ASTM B-117 5% Salt spray for 1000hours No effect


Regular cleaning is recommended for maximum performance. The following cleaning methods are recommended.
1) Wash with sponge, cloth or soft brush using water and detergent.
2) Automatic truck/car wash or standard high- pressure hand spray:
∙ Maximum Pressure – 1200 psi
∙ Maximum wash temperature – 140°F(60°C)\
∙ Water jets must be a minimum of 12” from the
Conspicuity Tape
∙ Spray water jets at no greater angle than 45°
from the surface


The application of REFLOMAX GLODIAN™ VC-E4 Conspicuity Tape Series is limited to properly prepared metal and painted metal substrates. Uses are urged to carefully evaluate, under actual use conditions, any film application to other substrates. For painted surfaces follow manufacturer’s recommendations for drying and curing. Failure of film caused by other substrates, materials, contamination, or improper surface preparation is not the responsibility of REFLOMAX.


Store in a cool dry area, preferably at 18℃~25℃ and 30%~50% relative humidity and use within 1 year after date of receipt.
Store rolls in their original shipping cartons. Partially used rolls should be returned to their shipping carton.

General Performance Considerations

REFLOMAX GLODIAN™ VC-E4 Conspicuity Tape Series will provide maximum durability as following.
∙ REFLOMAX recommended procedures are followed.
∙ Conspicuity tape is applied to vertical surfaces.
Durability can be reduced if recommended techniques are not followed:
∙ Failure to cut markings around rivets, seams and body are panels.
∙ Improper use of high pressure cleaning.
∙ Spillage of chemicals or solvents.
∙ Improper application or surface preparation.


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