Clean Air Indoors

Warehouses tend to suffer badly when it comes to air pollution. In addition to the dust that settles on stocked times that are not often moved the warehouses also have to deal with constant human traffic, machines using oil and grease, tools that are dirty, merchandise transported from highways and rail carts, and possibly storage of hazardous chemicals. They are also one of the few indoor facilities subjected to vehicles, with forklifts being fairly common.


Even with correct storage of hazardous chemicals and removal of vehicles there will always be a need to clean the air inside warehouses. Mould and bacteria will be an issue with all buildings. 


Dust and Grime

Vacuuming goes a long way to removing air pollution in warehouses. Floor and walls are the first areas to be done, followed by shelves and other storage areas. The tricky part is cleaning uneven surfaces, which often includes stocked items. This can be made much easier if everything is stored in dust proof containers. It is easier to vacuum the outside of a dust proof cupboard or box full of bolts and chains than it is to vacuum the bolts and chains themselves. 



Keeping the environment dry is another major point. There are far less mould problems in a dry environment. Dehumidifier units can help here. The air will be cleaner if there is no chance for mould and mildew to develop.


Sticky Floors

Hard floors can have problems with accumulating grime. They will need more than vacuuming, they will need washing.

A confusing issue for some hard surfaces is a floor that seems to attract dirt. This is most likely due to soap scum on the floor leaving a sticky surface. Cleaning this scum away with a moderate solvent, sometimes diluted vinegar is enough, will stop dirt sticking to the floor. Sugar soap, diluted bleach or several products available from Tile shops will remove more stubborn soap scum. 


Air Cleaning 

Air filtration is the other major point in keeping warehouses clean. Carbon filters and HEPA filters will remove almost all toxins from the air if they are used on a regular basis. Extractor fans are also useful.