TAC Tiles and Visibility

Installing the right safety marking in any environment goes a long way to reducing accidents. Making people aware of a potential problem helps them avoid the problem.


Tac Tiles

These are a textured tile used to warn blind and sight impaired individuals of potential problems, anything from railways and street crossings to stairways. 

Tac tiles have a raised circular pattern on their surface. This is easy for blind people to detect with a cane, or underfoot. The tiles are often coloured bright blue, yellow or orange, so that they can be seen at a distance by people with limited eyesight. 

Conspicuity tape

Reflective tape will make vehicles easier to see in lower light conditions. This tape reflects light, and our attention is automatically drawn to the brighter light in a room, so we will notice a vehicle with reflective tape. This is more pronounced if the vehicle is moving as our attention will also be drawn to movement. 

This tape should conform to dot c2 standards (Department of Transport standards). 


High viability vests

These bright orange or yellow vests are worn to make individuals easy to see. This increased visibility reduces accidents as vehicle drivers are more aware of the presence of individuals when they are easy to see.

High visibility clothing must conform to en iso 20471 specifications. 


Reflective Traffic Signs

These signs will be easy to see with a car’s headlights, as the headlights will make the sign the brightest object in the field of vision. The sign should be positioned so it easily catches the headlight of any vehicle travelling towards it.