Safety Colors


Safety Orange stands out. There are a few reasons for this. It is a colour that does not occur too often in the natural world. So when we see something coloured safety orange it will be almost always be different to the surroundings, and therefore stand out. Furthermore, this shade of orange is the opposite of sky blue (azure), providing a strong contrast against a sky background and a reasonably strong contrast against most other natural colours.

Hi visibility clothing should comply with en iso 20471.

Interestingly, orange isn’t easily visible to some wildlife. This means hunters can wear orange in order to be visible to each other, but still be largely unseen by the animals that they hunt.

Reflective Tape (Conspicuity Tape)

Of course, no colour is really visible in the dark. That is why reflective tape is necessary.
Using reflective glass bead technology this tape is immediately clear and visible in any light.
This tape also shows up well in standard daylight.

Reflective tape must comply with ece 104.

Best Reflective Manufacturer

Combining hi visibility colours with reflective materials gives the best results.