Safety And Accountability


It can prove hard to give a definition of safety. Every situation is different and some situations don’t really seem unsafe until something goes wrong. But while an over-all definition for safety might be elusive there are always ways to design safety guidelines for a particular situation. And there are ways to instil a safety conscious attitude into company employees. 

    • Build a team on employee volunteers from all levels of your company, including administration and management, who are interested in developing health and safety programmes and interested in evaluating the present situation. Just the act of getting people involved improves enthusiasm.
    • Schedule meetings and observation times for the safety team to do their work. Make this visible to the whole administration and company so they can understand the time and effort being investing into the organization that they are part of. 
    • Develop ways for all employees to contribute to the programme, not just the members of the safety team. The sense of connection this produces is helpful.
    • When problems and issues are encountered, encourage the employees and the individuals who uncovered the problem to propose solutions. Show them where some solutions work and some do not. 
    • Guide people into establishing realistic goals. Provide the resources to achieve these goals.
    • Look at any violations as opportunities to correct situations, not as excuses to punish individuals. Employees must feel free to report everything of importance to the people in charge. This includes near misses and potential accidents, which will show the way to prevent future accidents.
    • Provide conspicuity tape (dot c2) and reflective film for use is both the regular workplace and any project sites. 
    • Make sure the safety group addresses vehicle conspicuity and reflective traffic sign situations. 
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