Good Safety Equipment

Safety equipment either prevents accidents or prevents any serious injuries from accidents. It helps clear visibility, it protects eye, ears and limbs. And just the act of putting on safety equipment helps people adopt a professional attitude.

Good safety equipment is compliant with the appropriate codes:

  • dot-c2
  • ece-104
  • en iso 20471
  • en13356


Reflective Tape

Reflective safety tape is extremely useful; it can be used to convert any item into something appropriate for use in a safety zone. Use it on fire doors, handrails, electrical equipment, low beams and passageways, loading docks or quarantine areas.

Reflective warning tape is most often kept available for use in emergency situations, where barriers have to assembled quickly to prevent further mishap.

Good reflective film materials will last in all kinds of weather. 


Retro Reflective

Retroreflective surfaces provide easy visibility in dark conditions. They reflect light straight back at any light source. The reflectors seen on bicycles and roadways are one early example of this type of technology. But the principle, in more advanced forms, is used for Hi Vis clothing, reflective tape and increased vehicle visibility.


Vehicle Conspicuity

There are global laws about the visibility of professional transport vehicles. Several measure can be taken to increase visibility, and therefore operational safety. 

ECE-104 Vehicle ConcpicuityTape – can be applied to any vehicle.

DOT-C2 Vehicle ConcpicuityTape – can be applied to any vehicle.

Rows of lights are used for long vehicles such a semi-trailers to increase visibility at night.


Modern microprismatic technology used for reflective surfaces, such as tape and signs, increases visibility under difficult conditions, giving very long sight detection for vehicles.