Not So Cynical Murphy

Murphy’s Law was originally a safety concept, not a cynical attitude, or an excuse for failure. 

The law said that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Engineers, scientists, and anybody who designed anything in the past had noticed that any design flaw in what they built would turn into a problem sooner or later. If there was any possible way for something to break, or for somebody to bump their head, then things would break and individuals would bump their head. The problem got worse with individuals who were not part of the design team. The original designers knew how to avoid some issues. Individuals using something for the first time had to learn the hard way, bumping heads and stubbing their toes in the process.

Consider a parent looking from anything that might be dangerous for a child. A child is often curious and will find virtually every sharp corner or loose object. They are too young to avoid this type of threat, so the parent must remove the potential problems in advance.

We are to take the same approach. Find the potential problems and remove them.


  • Vehicle Conspicuity – We are far less likely to have an accident if we can see vehicles and surroundings clearly.
  • Retro reflective – reflective warning tape can be applied to any surface. A reflective strip or sign will make any low passageway or floor obstacle far more visible under reasonable lighting conditions.

ECE-104 Vehicle ConspicuityTape – can be applied to any vehicle.


DOT-C2 Vehicle ConspicuityTape – can be applied to any vehicle.


  • As reflective tape will not work in complete dark Rows of lights are used for long vehicles such a semi-trailers to increase visibility at night.
  • Walk through any installation and imagine what could go wrong. Imagine it from a child’s perspective, imagine it from the perspective of a forklift driver or anything else appropriate for the situation.