Movement and Reflective Material

Our eyes and visual systems automatically respond to bright light and movement. We automatically look to the brightest part of our surroundings, and we will notice movement even when the surroundings are highly detail. The principles of brightness and movement are used in safety design. Our attention can be drawn to potential dangerous items by the use of bright colours and movement.

Flashing lights are a prime example of this. We will notice a vehicle with flashing lights because the lights are brighter than the surroundings, and because the flashing is a form of movement. We will notice flashing lights even as a considerable distance and when lost amid considerable detail.

Reflective material will give similar advantages to flashing lights. An object with reflective material will reflect some light, and if the object is moving the reflective material will make this movement fairly easy to see. Objects with reflective material will stand out from the background.

Reflective tape can be applied to any surface, and effectively make any object more visible. Steps, platforms, stairs, low doorframes, moving carts or vehicles can be quickly fitted with tape in order to make them more visible. This visibility makes all the difference when it comes to avoiding an accident.

Use reflective surfaces and reflective tape to highlight and avoid potential hazards in any workplace.