Effective Training Sessions

There is a matter of knowing how something should be done, and the matter of making sure that the knowledge is acted upon. Often employees are aware of the safety requirements, but fail to really follow them. Of course this is an issue.


There can be few overlapping reason for this employee attitude. Sometimes it is people seeing the ‘rules’ as a set of restriction, where they should be seen as the best and safest way of approaching the situation. Another issue is that people often just find training and rules to be rather tiresome, so they simply lack enthusiasm.


Safety Training

It helps if you can get employees to relate to training sessions, to relate the information to their daily jobs. This can mean customizing it for both the company and for the various departments of the company. Smaller training session groups work better than larger lecture style situations. Interactive training is far better than endless written information, but combining short PowerPoint slide presentations with physical activities can often be the most effective teaching method.

Pyramid structures to safety training can work well. There is a main presentation for the whole company, followed by several more specific training sessions for each department, followed by practical training in smaller sub groups.  With this approach the individuals get both specific training and a sense of where they fit in the whole company.


Training Session Should:

  • Be relevant to the job
  • Use concrete examples, even when explaining abstract principles.
  • Make sessions physically interactive whenever possible.
  • Role play with the training members to illustrate points.
  • Issue personal equipment and giveaway items with company logos
  • Be light hearted in atmosphere.
  • Find a good way to encourage questions at the right time.
  • Try to communicate the idea that the taught methods and principles are the most effective way to do the job.

Personal and Vehicle Conspicuity

Vehicles require dot c2 tape / reflective film – ece 104 regulations for vehicle conspicuity.

Use of appropriate Reflective road sign and any appropriate reflective traffic sign is required where work vehicles are used.

Employees require en iso 20471 reflective materials, in the form of high visibility vests and other safety gear, when working.