Dot c2 Reflective Materials Conspicuity tape

There are numerous situations that require Dot c2 reflective tape. All are to do with increasing visibility for safety purposes. This red and white striped tape will reflect light, making objects with this tape easily visible in approaching vehicle headlights. 

This tape is used for tractors, trucks, trailers, tankers, forklifts and other commercial vehicles that must comply with safety standards. 

DOT-C2 highly reflective conspicuity tape is tailored for virtually all weather conditions. It is suitable for heavy trucks. It is weather resistant, self-adhesive, easy to apply and long lasting. It also fulfils department of transport regulations, and reflects light in all directions. This is essential for vehicle conspicuity. 


En iso 20471 Clothing Reflective Manufacturer

High visibility clothing will signal an individual’s presence. This is designed to work in any lighting conditions. The right shade of orange or yellow is easily visible under normal lighting conditions; reflective materials are visible under headlights during darkness.

Workers often have to concentrate on their work rather than keep an eye out for safety. High visibility clothing keeps individuals much safer than other options.