The effect of safety reflective vest (…) on the highway

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This news is about how to reduce potential accident on the highway experimented by “Traffic Safety Public Corporation”.

The title of the news “What is the effect of “reflective safety vest” that prevent highway secondary accident? “,

And the testing condition is as below. 

1.   Kinds of wear

1) Black Top apparel

2) White Top apparel

3)  Safety Vest with Chinese Non-Certified reflective tape

4) Safety vest with Reflomax “EFT-501” ISO 20471 Class 3 certified reflective tape.  

2.    Testing Place : Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Traffic Safety Public Corporation

3.    Testing Time: After sunset

4.    Tester and the condition of experiment: 25persons (by age), driving 50km/h speed then brake once an object is recognized.

5. The result of drivers Recognition by distance

1)  Black Top apparelApprox45M ahead

2) White Top apparel : Approx 60M ahead

3) Chines Non-Certified safety vest : Approx 100M ahead

4.) Reflomax EFT-501 Safety Vest: Approx 160M ahead

In the conclusion, “Reflomax EFT-501” resulted a higher reflective performance at night time on the highway and proves the importance why you should wear a certified reflective tape. 

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