DOT C2 reflective Tape

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The ‘DOT’ refers to the “department of transportation.’

C2 refers to the fact that the tape is 2 inches wide. There are 3 inch and 4 inch wide tapes labelled C3 and C4 respectively.


 Use of DOT C2 reflective tape

This tape is used for vehicles, usually trucks or forklifts, to increase visibility in poor lighting conditions.


There are cheaper alternatives to DOT C2 (or C3 and C4) tape, but these are no recommended. DOT tape much be certified by fulfilling certain criteria.

Construction – the DOT tape must be smooth and flat, with a transparent exterior film over a series of retroreflective elements. The retroreflective optical elements must not be directly exposed to the surface.

Colour – the reflective pattern will be alternating red and white elements. The white aspect often looks silver in daylight, but will reflect white at night. The red/ white shapes must not exceed 2/3 of the total. 

Spacing – the red /white shapes must be between 6 inches and 18 inches in length. 12 inches is normal. 

Certification of DOT C2 (or C3 or C4) must appear on the tape every 12 inches.


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This is used to increase visibility on clothing. Visibility of individuals and their clothing helps prevent accidents.